When We Were Alone I Will Get Back to You  Pretty Girls Meet King Kong  Someone I Use to KnowMuch Better NowVictorian in African GeleCameroon Liberia  SweetPrettyLovinglyNow It's Us, Now It's WeBut What of Fashion Silence Is The Sweetest MusicBeyond the End Between When We Play with Fire Untitled  2015". . . But Tell It Slant"  2015Now Can You See Me  2015Test the Waters (Henry O. Tanner)Red Isn't The Color of InnocenceI Give Myself to YouA Greater GoodNever Too Soon to See the Stars of HomePlayNational Holiday NowOh, My Pretty One IIBeautiful MagicWe Will RememberFor The Best Laid PlansCherokee LouiseAin't Nobody That Can Sing Like Me Humphrey Bogart ParisManage Expectations I Am A StarTell Me Something GoodMissing CarrollHistory Is A Tantalizing PerfumeThis Is My Skinny LoveWhat Will I See That Old Road Is A Friend of Mine  Close Your Eyes To The Monsters In Your HeadTake Me From HereMale Impressionist Painter at Giverny 1926 And Stars Fell Bulls and ButterfliesThere's No ReasonThis Ain't No Time for RegretThe Ruthless Humor of FateFamily ValuesCalm Like A Full MoonLady With MushroomsThe Memory TrustTurn Forgiveness Into ForgetYou Can't Hold A Lovin' When It's GoneWishing For It Not To BeGenerals Are Such DandiesWe Are Who We AreThe Old Ways Are Still The BestHalf Way BetweenI Still Remember YouPlease. Please. Please. Let It Be LoveYesterday Is NotLiberty. Where?A Perfect MomentHome Is Just A Broken HeartPres. Lincoln and FamilyFolger's 190Praying For Redemption Can't Watch Love DieDreams Of Me and YouWe Carry Our Lives In Our MemoriesCharted LureBefore I Get OldOh, My Pretty One  Untitled (Queens and Marines)What Memories You Can't KeepUntitled (Cotton Is King In The Struggle For A Masculine Identity)From The Other SideThere's No Place Like HomeMy Eyes Are Up ThereThe Dark Days Are OverOf Thirst For HappinessMirrors and Keys (When Music Is Tied Up)Deep BackgroundAll My LifeBe Life to Me In The Garden Where Sunlit Lemons Grow YellowWhat Time Never TellsSweet Paris of My Youth GoodbyeI Was Born To Be LonelyThat's Good To MeI Know You Raise CainSleep Well, My Love, Sleep WellYou've Got What It TakesMy Country Now Is Like A ScowIn My Shade He Is EngulfedThe Arbitrary Nature of TimeI Can FlyGod Pretends to Know So Can YouA Little Bit of ColorWish They Could PlayI Adore BeautyArrows of DesireLeaves of the Yellow RiverAt the Center of NothingWhat Is The FutureSunlight Fades Away Only to ReturnThe World Has Rough Edges of ColorThe Way The First Man Loved The First ManSpace Lacks Time for MemoryTurn the History Dial of MemoryWhere Do Memories HideWhy Do You Do Such Things?
Fugitive Memories
In Fugitive Memories: Contemporary Photo-Assemblage, I fuse found objects and everyday items with anonymous nineteenth-century photographs to investigate the subjective nature of memory and the elusive quality of truth. I believe photography is a tool used to document history and memory; however, sometimes it can be difficult to reconcile blurred recollections as time passes. What is more difficult, perhaps, is not only to remember the circumstances of the photograph, but the context and meaning in which it was initially taken. The lens through which one understands and interprets the visual context is often filtered through emotions, misconceptions and false impressions. Found objects, like photographs, also have a past rich with personal affiliations. There seems to be a primal instinct–almost unavoidable–for humans to instill objects with psychological, sentimental, spiritual, or historical connotations.