IMAGE: Crochet Jam at George & Lennie Coffee Shop with two San Francisco police officers 2017

Crochet Jams engage the public to think differently about the role of art within community and the power of art within society. Crochet Jam—a public, art-making event that's embracing and inclusive, with no attempt made to dictate the creative process nor judge the finished project—is meditative, liberating, and empowering. Gianni Jetzer walk-through, Artadia Exhibition. Part 4: Ramekon O’Arwisters

Ramekon O'Arwisters started Crochet Jam in 2012. My community-art event is rooted in a cherished childhood memory that's steeped in the African-American tradition of weaving in a calm and non-judgmental environment without rules or limitations.

Postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic. I will only post virtual Crochet Jams when they occur until the pandemic is over. Thank you and take good care.

Headlands Center for the Arts, Artist-in-Residence, June–July 2021
SFMOMA announces 2019 finalists for prestigious SECA Award
Kala Art Institute's Print Public AIR 2016–17
Counter Pulse Art Activator Public 2016-17
Recology™ Artist-in-Residence Program 2016–17
Eureka Fellowship, Fleishhacker Foundation 2014

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