Portfolio > Crochet Jam, Activate McCoppin, San Francisco

Throughout November, Activate McCoppin is transforming the McCoppin Hub, an underutilized parking lot at the intersection of Valencia and McCoppin into a temporary community space. The immediate goal is to offer events and activities that prompt people to see the space, and other public spaces in general, as more than passageways: but rather as vibrant, programmable and economically viable opportunities.

The McCoppin Hub is being rebuilt in 2014 and by offering a variety of public events and activities, Activate McCoppin is developing awareness about the Hub’s potential as a public space as well as collecting quantitative and qualitative data that will help identify how the McCoppin Hub and spaces like it can be community and commercial successes. Additionally, a toolkit will be constructed to inform others on how such a project may be replicated.

With its events and data, Activate McCoppin asks the question – how do you want to bring your public space to life?