Portfolio > Crochet Jam, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery 2016

Comment from a participant at Crochet Jam, SFAC Gallery 2016:

"Hi Ramekon...

I had such a lovely, high time with you and everyone yesterday.
That beautiful space! but it would have been great anywhere.
The clarity of your presentation of your idea and with the
enticement of real wooden and huge! crochet hooks...
and the delight of that somewhat ordered jumble of fabrics...
of so many different fibers to feel and play with.
I did get high...hard to come down from that.
Now my long rectangle (no longer a tangle!) is on the wood
kitchen counter...not a beauty in terms of color and design,
but a beauty in terms of what it means in terms of the
grounding it gives to my past too...those rag rugs we had
at home...memories of my Mom dipping the small rugs in tea
after the were really stained..and seeing how they blended in
with the wooden floor...and one toilet seat cover a neighbor
must have made for us..crocheted...we never warmed to that
one and removed it after a few weeks..because it slid
and would try to fall off.
Thanks for being so "you" and sharing the joy of that.
Blessings upon you."
Elaine J.