Portfolio > April 2012 Artist-in-Residence: de Young Museum, San Francisco

Communing with the Unseen: African Spirituality in Contemporary Art

Museum visitors explored how objects manifest spiritual essence, and addressed how objects are imbued with spiritual power and significance by their role and place within society and society's respect for the spirit world. Ordinary objects, such as small mirrors, feathers, puzzle pieces, pins, watchbands, keys, marbles, computer parts, beads, fabric, and other found objects were transformed into beautiful sculpture, imbued with spiritual and healing powers. Communing With the Unseen was a public collaboration, which incorporated participatory elements—creative activities, art practices, and social connections that created an opportunity for social engagement within the context of African and African-American culture and spirituality.

Creativity Makes Us Kin.

In my social-art practice, collaborative, community-based art projects are combined with folk-art traditions and techniques to foster and support a culture of collaboration and team-building in a relaxing,
affirming, and meditative environment, in which participants can access their creativity. Crochet Jam provides a heightened state of relaxation that reduces stress and anxiety, promoting creative thinking and problem-solving. Art heals—it's a bridge that unites people and cultures.